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Lewis Clark State college houses the Idaho Regional Mathematics Center for Region 2. The center is directed by Kacey Diemert and supported by Ryan Dent, our Regional Mathematics Specialist. The intent of the center is to provide professional mathematics support with both content and pedagogy to K-12 teachers in Region 2. The members of the Regional Mathematics Centers have experience in K-16 mathematics education, designing and delivering professional development, instructional technologies, and educational research. We are able to provide both regional and school-specific support in mathematics education. We welcome input from schools and districts as to the type of professional development they need. Our professional development begins with promoting mathematical thinking, problem solving, and the habits of mind students need to effectively understand and apply mathematics.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Did you know NASCO has free lesson plans?

Adding and Subtracting Integers

Find this and other free lessons at www.enasco.com

showing -8-4(-4) and -8+(+4)

  • Put an equation on the board, but note that this time they will be subtracting. Subtraction can also be called take away or the opposite of. 
  • Set up this example: -8 – (-4) = 
  • You will have one pile of 8 red counters and another of 4 red counters. When you subtract, you will turn over the counter pile that is directly after the minus sign because subtract means to do the opposite. Therefore, you will now have 8 red counters and 4 yellow counters. You now have an addition problem and the answer is -4. 
  • When subtracting integers, you make two moves: one is to change the subtraction sign to addition and the other is to change the sign of the number directly following the subtraction sign.

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